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HT Sensor Product Codes and Options.

Online Catalogue | STOCK CODES |  HT Sensor Product Codes and Options.


The product codes used in this site for the HT series are displayed as the basic default value without the option code which is generated automatically when ordering a sensor product. For information purposes the table below illustrates the full product code with the values for the various options.

The table below illustrates how the product code is formed and what the optional syntax relates to. To explain, the example code is divided into two sections, the black syntax is the basic default code and is used throughout the catalogue and has no variables and always remains the same for that particular sensor. The RED portion of the code is the option syntax and has variable values which are displayed at the top of the table and are generally selected by their value in the e-shop.

A typical sensor has the following product code IN10-50HT-180-S-4-PS
The values for the stock code are-
IN10= Inductive Sensor 10mm (SN)
50HT= M50 Housing / HT Series
180= Maximum Ambient Temperature (°C)
S= Silicone Cable
4= 4 Mtr's Cable
PS= PNP N.O. Output
To view what values are available for each option please refer to the table below,
PS=PNP N.O. the alternative option value is NS which denotes an NPN N.O. output.

1.- Only sensors M18 and larger can be supplied with the LEMO connector system.
2.- All kriz sensors operate with any cable length which may be altered before and in service without any effect on calibration etc.
Careful consideration must be given to selecting the appropriate cable for the application, all HT sensors up to and including 180C can operate with either the Silicone or PTFE based cables. Whilst these cables have Identical thermal properties it is important to take into consideration factors such as, Flexibility, Chemical resistance, etc. Please refer to our technical department when considering the application of Kriz proximity sensors in aggressive environments.

Product Codes and Options Values  
 Cable TypeCable length*OutputExt AmplifierConnector Silicone Free
 S= SiliconeLength in
PS= PNP N.O.M= In-Line LM= Fitted SF=Silicone free
IN2-8HT-140-S-1-PS X  XX X
IN2-8HTS-140EXT-S-1-PS-M X   X X
IN3-12HT-130-S-1-PS   XX X
IN4-12HT-130-S-1-PS   XX X
IN3-12HT-150-S-1-PS   XX X
IN4-12HT-130-S-1-PS   XX X
IN2-12HT-220EXT-T-1-PS-MX   X  
IN5-18HT-130-S-1-PS   X  X
IN8-18HT-130-S-1-PS   X X
IN5-18HT-180-S-1-PS   X  X
IN8-18HT-180-S-1-PS   X  X
IN10-30HT-130-S-1-PS   X X
IN15-30HT-130-S-1-PS   X X
IN8-30HTS-150-S-1-PS   X  X
IN15-30HTS-150-S-1-PS   X X
IN10-30HT-180-S-1-PS   X  X
IN15-30HT-180-S-1-PS   X X
IN20-50HT-180-S-1-PS   X X
IN25-50HT-180-S-1-PS   X X

Online Catalogue | STOCK CODES |  HT Sensor Product Codes and Options.

This catalog is reserved for registered customers only. Please contact us to register.